A Fresh Voice with a
Unique Perspective

Bushra draws upon her experience and background to deliver talks on a variety of topics. She works directly with organizations to tailor versions of her popular topics, listed here, or to create custom engagements based individual or organizational needs.

*Titles and talk descriptions are subject to change*

Diversity, Identity & Inclusion

One of her most popular talks, Bushra draws upon her perspective as a young, Muslim woman to discuss the lasting affects of tokenism and unconcious bias and leaves audiences with tangible, actionable lessons.

Empowering Youth Voices

While we often seek to make leadership something greater than ourselves, Bushra instead instills the concept of being an “everyday leader” and how to positively influence our families, friends, and our greater networks.

Women in Politics

The policies and ideas of women candidates are often overlooked, replaced by a hyper focus on appearance. Bushra speaks to this problem, including her own experience with her hijab.

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Bushra is the Youngest Member Elected Onto the 73.5 Board of Education

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